From the Desk of Your COO

Words cannot adequately describe the emotions that we have encountered during the past several weeks. Fear. Panic. Concern. Exhaustion. Confusion. Yet, the response from our teams during these unprecedented times is nothing short of amazing. You have shown commitment, tenacity, resolve, and dedication to our company, our customers, and each other. We want to assure you that the entire ibex family is behind you and is committed to supporting you throughout this ordeal. \

We recognize that there are several questions regarding social distancing and what ibex is doing to keep our employees safe. To that end, we are aggressively implementing a variety of ways to put some extra space between you and your colleagues. From spacing out seating on the call floor to removing additional chairs from the break rooms, we are making every effort to reduce density in your site. As a step further, we are exploring something as a company that has never been done before – work from home.

As you know, ibex does not currently have a work from home division. For that reason, our teams have been working around the clock to build out the necessary platforms and address the challenges associated with providing this option to our employees. This week, we are testing work from home solutions across the US. These pilots will allow us to make real-time adjustments to better support each of you and more efficiently leverage work at home capability throughout the other US sites right away! ]\

We anticipate the ability to add more work from home opportunities with every passing day. You matter. Your work matters. Your family matters. We are looking at every option to keep you working to support your family, safely. Your leaders will be reaching out to you to provide additional information and support for your needs.

We will rise above this challenge and come out stronger than ever.

#ibexstrong #ibexcares