From the Desk of Bob Dechant, CEO


I have watched the events of this past week unfold with a heavy heart. It is difficult to adequately express my sadness over the death of George Floyd and the tumult across the country as a result of the behavior of a few. I sit in the nations’ capital and have been able to watch the protests and the passion, anger, and sadness of those marching for social justice.

My promise to all of you is to continue to ensure ibex is a safe and comfortable place where we do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. We are such a diverse group and we celebrate and honor that diversity.

If you have concerns or have experienced any incidents which have made you uncomfortable or if you have witnessed any such incident, please reach out to your site leaders. I will rely on them to keep me informed of any issues we need to address.

It has been a difficult year so far on so many fronts. You have been through quite a bit since January. However, your performance across the globe has been “industry best”. My entire Executive Leadership Team applaud your performance, your commitment to our clients and ibex, and your tenacity through it all.

We do not take for granted your contribution and we are here to support you. What happened in Minneapolis should never happen again. Again, please reach out if you need any help or have any concerns. We are here to support you.