From the Desk of Your Senior Vice President, Operations US


The COVID pandemic has affected us in many ways; how we shop, how we work, even how we live. Ibex has been busier than ever keeping you safe, healthy, and employed during these challenging times. In recent weeks, we’ve completely transformed our US operations to support the changing needs of our employees and clients.

While many of our competitors have laid off US workers on a large scale, ibex has maintained a steady state without releasing a single US employee as a result of the COVID-19. In fact – we’re GROWING! These deliberate efforts have provided each of you with job security, peace of mind, and a stable income during the most unstable time in recent history. Truly, you are essential and your collective impact on our business is unprecedented! Thank you!

Even with our recent success, any dramatic change in the way we do business always creates new and unique challenges that we must partner to solve. Recently, we have experienced a spike in absenteeism across the US. This leaves calls in queue, customers in need, and your peers across the country with an even heavier workload.

Americans have long been recognized for their hustle and their ability to meet difficulty with resolve and optimism. We’re calling on you to help us weather this storm and come out on the other side, stronger than ever.  The work you do is incredibly important to the American economy and its critical to the continued success of ibex. Let’s pull together, work as a team, and exceed our goals!

Success is impossible without hard work, and this work is hard. But remember- hard work always yields results. Now, more than ever, we need your commitment. Whether working from home or an Ibex site we are asking you to not only work your scheduled hours, but also to pick up overtime whenever possible. We need you, we appreciate you, and we are counting on you!