From the Desk of Your Vice President, Operations Nicaragua

Dear Team,

We are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our country and are proactively taking measures to ensure that each of you continues to enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. We are fully prepared to handle whatever may come our way. Our Business Infectious Disease Response plan will allow us to execute on business continuity protocols while keeping you safe! We are partnering closely with government entities to report and monitor all potential cases within our organization and fully cooperating with all health and business recommendations from world health organizations.

At this time, ibex Nicaragua has fully deployed the following actions:

  1. Increased availability of alcohol gel across several points in the facility,  including security checkpoints
  2. At the closing of daily operations, a deep cleaning using hospital-grade sterilization occurs and covers all production stations and common areas
  3. Our providers (meal and transportation) have increased their hygiene protocols, in keeping with our own
  4. We have hired a specialized company to deep clean our AC and ventilation systems to eliminate any potential spread of the virus

As of today, we have zero confirmed and zero suspected cases across all our programs. However, we are monitoring all medical documentation daily and reporting such documents to the appropriate government agencies. As the situation develops in Nicaragua, we are preparing contingencies to keep you safely working to support your families. I will share more information regarding that plan, once the details become available.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing work you are doing.  I can always count on your to step up in tremulous times! Last week our abs% for the country was sub 5%, which is an incredible level of engagement from everyone! I am confident we will be able to overcome adversity and it will only be possible because of you. Once again, thank you.

This truly is an unprecedented event and we are making adjustments to the business model every single day.  Due to the inability of our peers to fully operate in the Philippines, the US, and other countries where we operate, we are trying to quickly adjust our Nicaraguan workforce to provide additional support. We are in the process of hiring roughly 630 associates over the next 11 weeks to help with clients such as Amazon, NETFLIX, Sam’s Club (our new client – where wave 1 product training started today) and of course WU.

Please protect yourself and adhere to all posted hygiene recommendations. We are all on the same boat and we need everyone to cooperate in order to move past this crisis. If you experience any COVID symptoms (including dry cough and fever) please communicate that to your leaders and visit your assigned medical center right away. More importantly, let us know what we can do to help! We have always promised to share our burdens. We are a family and today, more than ever, we will deliver on that promise.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and let us know if you have any questions!